We know that in Michoacán there are children who  were already using inhalants at age 8 and today, at age 16, they consume even more addictive sustances; for this reason we are particularly interested in proving care to children an adolescents, and to be able to support them in the construction of their life project, generating alliances with strategic actors that allow stopping neglect behaviors on the part of their caregivers, improving communications between people and create negotiation channels for the resolution of conflicts.


This is how the initiative to create the Asociación Mexicana de Psicología y Desarrollo Comunitario (Mexican Association of Psychology and Community Development), wich starts operations in 2013 and during this time, we have offered clinical care, training and specialized consulting in mental health for community development.


We work with a group of young professionals and committed volunteers, implementing projects that seek to collaborate in key communities, responding to the needs of mental health care of vulnerable groups that living in contexts of exclusion and violence.





Contribuite scientifically to the development of women and men in key populations, through projects for obtain results with impact on community development.





Support scientifivally in the accompaniment of subjective and social processes in a solidary and transparent manner, with a focus on gender and human rights, consolidating a group of socially responsible professionals, assuming leadership in the promotion of human rights, mental health and citizen participation in the reestablishment of social ties in our country, through the services of training, prevention and psychological attention.




    1. Provide training and consulting sefvices to our stakeholders with a gender, scientific and human rights perspective.
    2. To carry out our work based on the promotion of human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals.
    3. Achieve actions with our stakeholders for substantive equality between genders.
    4. Attend to victims of social and gender violence with a comprehensive system.
    5. Prevent HIV and other IT's with key populations in vulnerable areas.
    6. Improve the reproductive health and sexual rights of men and women with whom we work.





We are driven bys the need to present actions that seek to erradicate acts of corruption and misappropriation of information, abuse and neglect against children, generating skills with caregivers for positive upbringing.



Our motivation was from our constitution and continues to bring professional attention from a scientific and collegiate perspective, to people who have an interest in improving their living conditions from psychology, and thus achieve comprehensive community development.


Equal rights

We work with sectors of the population that do not have access to human rights information, either because of their social, economic, ethnic, etc. context.


Conviction of professional acts

We believe in our work and commitment to society and the key populations with which we operate, and that is why this Association is consolidating in the 5 years we have worked.


Culture for peace and conflict negotiation

We support the restoration of the social bond in our country, through awareness, reflection and promotion of cultural activity, reading and the arts for respectful, community and ethical treatment.